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Fly Fishing for Redfish in Louisiana

Thoughts on Preparing and Executing a Trip to Fly Fish for Redfish

We recently spent several days fly fishing for Redfish in LA. Here's what we learned.

Chris N, November 06, 2023

Flies for Stillwater Fly Fishing

Flies for Stillwater Bliss

Lakes and reservoirs have different flies, but the techniques are largely very consistent with how we fish other water. The rewards can be....well, take a look.

Anna on the Fly, August 03, 2023

An Entomologist in Your Pocket | The Fly Predictor

This tool will identify the insects most likely to occur in the water you're fishing, and make fly recommendations for each phase of insect life.

The Fly Predictor is an app that identifies the insects most likely to occur in streams, rivers, and creeks at a given set of geo coordinates. Said, another way, drag your finger on a map to a specific body of water, and the app will tell you the bugs most likely to occur in that water. It’s like having a fishing buddy that is an entomologist, but without them bugging you with bad insect jokes!

Chris N, April 06, 2023

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Micro Golden Stonefly

Micro Golden Stonefly | Big bugs are molting as the snow is melting!

What makes the Mirco Golden Stonefly “the fly of the month” going into April is because it is very realistic to the actual golden stone nymph, the lighter pale yellow color, the epoxy back giving that armor look, the life like segmented body and the “turkey biot” used for the legs which pushes the water and grabs fish’s attention this is definitely one of the most realistic Stonefly patterns around and a deadly pattern to use the next few months.

Anna on the Fly, March 26, 2023

Confidence Fly Fishing Flies

Confidence patterns are the stable of flies that an angler reaches to regularly with the expectation of catching fish.

Confidence patterns are not simply a list of best sellers, nor are they a list of most recommended flies. Confidence patterns are the stable of flies that an angler reaches to regularly with the expectation of catching fish. Our confidence in these flies is a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts…we fish these flies with the expectation of catching fish and we probably have better concentration and better presentations. And, thus, better results.

Chris N, February 05, 2023

Designing Fly Fishing Flies – Wandering Around the Right Way

How are fly fishing flies designed? Foundations and three paths of creativity.

Fly design doesn’t just happen sitting behind a vice. There’s a lot of creative genius and time invested into these combinations of feathers and hooks.

Chris N, February 04, 2023

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Rojo Midge

Rojo Midge | Go Get It

I have had a lot of success using Garcia’s “Rojo Midge” pattern, both as an attractor and as my second fly. I typically fish it in a size 18 or 20, dead drifting it mid-column like a midge pupa pushing its way to the surface.

Anna on the Fly, January 31, 2023

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Blowtorch

Jiggy Blowtorch Nymph | "One of the top three flies for trout anywhere in the world!"

REMEMBER BIG BUGS ARE STILL IN THE RIVERS! Yes it’s “Tailwater tiny” season but don’t let that stop you from trying out new attractor patterns, a trout will eat a big meal if the presentation is there!

Anna on the Fly, January 23, 2023

Do Fly Fishing Jig Hooks Work Better and Other Thoughts on Euro Nymphing

Flies tied on jig hooks have unique characteristics that lead to better performance. Riding hook point up is not on our list as one of these.

We do think that jig hooks have several unique characteristics that make them especially effective when used in a Euro Nymphing setup. We also think these characteristics make them great for fishing with a bobber or under a dry fly. We are less and less convinced, however, that the “hook point up” orientation is one of the benefits unique to jig flies and Euro Nymphing.

Chris N, January 21, 2023

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Mercury Blood Midge

Mercury Blood Midge | Versatility

I absolutely love this fly because it’s so versatile, it can be fished on any part of your set up at any time of the year but I like to fish it in a size 18-20 in the winter as my attractor/lead fly.

Anna on the Fly, January 15, 2023

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Poison Tung

Poison Tung | BLUE IS THE MOST VIVID of all colors to trout

The Poison Tung has the slim profile of a midge, additional weight to get it down where the fish are sitting in the winter and most importantly the color BLUE - which excites fish and can cause aggressive strikes reminiscent of summer eats!

Anna on the Fly, December 24, 2022

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Jujubee Midge

Jujubee Midge | A fly that will fool the smartest of trout and lots of fish in between!

If I see a midge hatch or see fish rising and don’t see any bugs I ALWAYS throw on a Jujubee. Sunday was no different, there was a strong hatch most of the day and nearly every other cast we had a fish on!!

Anna on the Fly, December 20, 2022

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Blood Midge

Blood Midge | A must have winter pattern

As the temps cool trout move from from the faster, more oxygenated water to slow deep pools and in the Winter they are stacked up right where these red blood midges live. Trout become lazier than usual but trust me they are on the look out for these bright red bites of candy full of nutrients!

Anna on the Fly, December 12, 2022

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | PBR

PBR | A cross between a Rainbow Warrior and a Mercury Midge?

The PBR is a great fly and I hardly ever see it at fly shows or in fly shops and I rarely hear people talk about it but it’s a secret weapon and you should definitely try it out this winter!!

Anna on the Fly, December 02, 2022

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Glo Bugs

Glo Bugs | EGGS, EGGS, EGGS!!

Bright orange is great and realistic but it’s good to have a variety of lighter oranges, peaches and light pinks. As the spawn slows down the eggs become less vibrant so lighter colors are great to use.

Anna on the Fly, November 18, 2022

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Mercury Midge

Mercury Midge| Small but mighty

There are over 1000 different midge species & they are one of the only insects that hatch all year round, so having a stock in your fly box is important.

Anna on the Fly, October 27, 2022

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Jiggy Mini Leech

Jiggy Mini Leech | Beware of aggressive eats!

Leeches are very abundant creating a tasty snack for even the pickiest of trout some of the biggest fish I’ve caught have been on the mini leech!

Anna on the Fly, October 21, 2022

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Mercury Midge

Mercury Midge | Small but Mighty

The Mercury Glass bead always seems to be more productive than a standard midge. The glass bead mimics a gas bubble that insects use to emerge and trout love emerging insects because they are most vulnerable.

Anna on the Fly, October 01, 2022

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Zebra Midge Beadhead Bubbleback

Zebra Midge Beadhead Bubbleback | Literally catches fish EVERYWHERE in ANY CONDITION

I have been using this fly as my third fly on a tag from the point fly dropping it off a foam terrestrial with one of the previous flies of the weeks as the point fly and then the zebra bubbleback as an emerger. This has proven day in and day out that this is a fly that produces.

Anna on the Fly, July 31, 2022

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