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PBR | A cross between a Rainbow Warrior and a Mercury Midge?

by Anna on the FlyDecember 02, 2022 in Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques, Anna's Fly of the Week

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December 2nd 2022

FLY OF THE WEEK!! It’s back and this week is a great, in my opinion, must have fly - the “PBR”. Created by famed tyer and long time guide Bob Dye while he was sitting at the tying bench drinking guess what, a PBR! Yup that is actually how it got its name.


No matter how much I try to resist it, Winter is here and the tailwaters are full of die hard fly fishers battling cold hands, reacting to subtle bites and using TINY bugs, mostly MIDGES!! Midge season has arrived but to be honest- for most of the year I almost always have some type of midge pattern on when I’m running a 3 fly nymph rig.

What midges lack in size they make up in numbers, it’s no secret they are the most abundant food source for trout, from tailwaters to freestones. It’s been studied that a single trout can eat 1,500 midges in just the morning feeding period 🤯 So if you want to have a successful day put on a midge pattern!

The PBR is a great fly and I hardly ever see it at fly shows or in fly shops and I rarely hear people talk about it but it’s a secret weapon and you should definitely try it out this winter!!

Being as thought it’s not as fished as other midge pupa patterns I personally think picky Tailwater trout aren’t as suspecting and more willing to eat it. Also I absolutely believe the best patterns have glass beads. Like I’ve stated before they create the illusion of the gas bubble that forms to help lift the insect to the surface. Aside from that this fly has a slim profile, sparse dubbing and a red tail that seems to be the secret ingredient to really grab the fish’s attention!!

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The PBR is almost a cross between a Rainbow Warrior and a Mercury Midge and probably more effective than both of those great flies!! I like to fish this as my second fly off my point fly or attractor so it sits in the middle water column like a pupa rising to the surface.

Try it out in a size 18 in the summer OR as a lead fly and a size 20 ALL WINTER LONG! 🤙🏼

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