Tying the Spawning Shrimp Fishing Fly

Don't leave home without this shrimp

by DiscountFliesJanuary 07, 2024 in Fly Tying Videos

There are a lot of good saltwater anglers that don’t leave home without Peterson's Spawning Shrimp in numerous configurations – various sizes, Beadchain eyes, dumbbell eyes, eye colors. This fly is not as simple as a Crazy Charlie or Christmas Island Special. Better said, this fly uses more materials. Digested by layers, however, this fly is quite approachable.  We remind ourselves when tying this fly: "Slow down, enjoy the process!"

A few tying notes:

  • We find that using 70D thread, which is relatively thin for a saltwater fly, helps reduce bulk given the numerous layers of material.
  • Shrimp eyes – we like to make these and find that making them in batches produces the best result.
  • Wing – the original recipe calls for tan rabbit cut from a zonker strip. We substitute fox for a couple reasons: fox moves well in the water, fox is a bit sparser, and tan rabbit has been difficult to find.

The Recipe:

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