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Tying October Caddis Fishing Flies

The last "Big Bug" hatch of the year...A Jiggy October Caddis, A Party Mop October Caddis, and an October Caddis Chubby

Fishing the October Caddis hatch with nymphs throughout day will be productive.  Don't hesitate to throw a dry-dropper rig with an Orange Foam Caddis or an Orange Stimulator Chew Toy.

Chris N, September 22, 2023

Tying Antonio's CDC Adult Dun BWO Baetis Fishing Fly

This creative and unique dry fly is also simple and quick to tie

This fly is similar to a Comparadun or a No Hackle, but is made almost entirely of CDC. While the result is a shaggy fly, the profile that fish see is pure gold.

Chris N, September 14, 2023

Tying the Big Bear Baetis Fishing Fly Variations

A slim BWO nymph that uses only a few materials

Tying legs on small nymphs can be frustrating. Here are two different methods that make tying legs on small nymphs less frustrating.

Chris N, September 14, 2023

Tying the Mole Fly Emerger Fishing Fly

The Mole Fly Emerger is genius in its simplicity.

The key to tying the Mole Fly Emerger Fishing Fly is to use natural dubbing, which will help the body sit below the surface as it is designed to do.

Chris N., September 14, 2023

Tying the Puff Daddy Fishing Fly with Variations

The Puff Daddy Fishing Fly is a go-to BWO emerger for many

We like to tie the Puff Daddy Fishing Fly with a sparse CDC collar and add a bit of flash to the CDC collar

Chris N, September 14, 2023

Tying a Kamikaze Sculpin with Synthetic Rabbit Zonker Strips

Synthetic rabbit zonker strips move like a natural material and are easy to tie with.

Synthetic zonker strips alleviate the need for a dubbing loop on this fly because the thin “hide” does not create bulk when wrapped around the shank.

Chris N, September 03, 2023

Tying a Twenty Incher with Hot Spot Biots

Adding hotspots to classics is possible with new INFERNO biots

There are numerous ways to add hot spots....add INFERNO biots to the list!

Chris N, August 25, 2023

Tying the Jujubee Fishing Fly

Take a look at the new Faux Bucktail synthetic fiber from Flymen Fishing

The fibers are solid, which means they do not flare like natural buck tail. This also means they can be wrapped around a hook shank.

Chris N, August 20, 2023

Tying the Chubby Chernobyl

Top 5 greatest dry flies of all time. In a dry-dropper setup, this is our go-to dry.

There are conditions in which multiple layers of foam improve the fly. Here is how we do it

Chris N, August 15, 2023

Tying the Top Secret Midge Fly Fishing Fly

The Top Secret Midge is a Top Producer all year.

The traditional Rust color thread is dynamite. Try a few color variations like black or purple. The white rib is constant -- the purpose is to create a quill-like appearance.

Chris N, August 14, 2023

Flies for Stillwater Fly Fishing

Flies for Stillwater Bliss

Lakes and reservoirs have different flies, but the techniques are largely very consistent with how we fish other water. The rewards can be....well, take a look.

Anna on the Fly, August 03, 2023

Top Flies for Fishing Spring Run-Off

Don’t be a runaway during run-off. A few flies and thoughts for high water season.

Murky? Yeah, maybe. But, run-off also kicks up a ton big bugs. Focusing on color and size can produce some run-off monsters.

Anna on the Fly, May 22, 2023

Tying with Quills

There are numerous options for tying fishing flies with quill bodies. Quills are more durable than ever and the results are lights out.

Gone are the days of using a pencil eraser to strip peacock quills. Today's options provide beautifully segmented fly fishing flies with lasting durability and endless color options.

Chris N, May 09, 2023

Great Dubbings

Fly tying materials continue to get better and better.  The range of materials is the best it has ever been and usability has not suffered.

EBT and Bugger Dubbings reduce steps and improve bugginess.

Chris N., May 04, 2023

An Entomologist in Your Pocket | The Fly Predictor

This tool will identify the insects most likely to occur in the water you're fishing, and make fly recommendations for each phase of insect life.

The Fly Predictor is an app that identifies the insects most likely to occur in streams, rivers, and creeks at a given set of geo coordinates. Said, another way, drag your finger on a map to a specific body of water, and the app will tell you the bugs most likely to occur in that water. It’s like having a fishing buddy that is an entomologist, but without them bugging you with bad insect jokes!

Chris N, April 06, 2023

Fly of the Week with @anna_on_the_fly | Micro Golden Stonefly

Micro Golden Stonefly | Big bugs are molting as the snow is melting!

What makes the Mirco Golden Stonefly “the fly of the month” going into April is because it is very realistic to the actual golden stone nymph, the lighter pale yellow color, the epoxy back giving that armor look, the life like segmented body and the “turkey biot” used for the legs which pushes the water and grabs fish’s attention this is definitely one of the most realistic Stonefly patterns around and a deadly pattern to use the next few months.

Anna on the Fly, March 26, 2023

Confidence Fly Fishing Flies

Confidence patterns are the stable of flies that an angler reaches to regularly with the expectation of catching fish.

Confidence patterns are not simply a list of best sellers, nor are they a list of most recommended flies. Confidence patterns are the stable of flies that an angler reaches to regularly with the expectation of catching fish. Our confidence in these flies is a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts…we fish these flies with the expectation of catching fish and we probably have better concentration and better presentations. And, thus, better results.

Chris N, February 05, 2023

Designing Fly Fishing Flies – Wandering Around the Right Way

How are fly fishing flies designed? Foundations and three paths of creativity.

Fly design doesn’t just happen sitting behind a vice. There’s a lot of creative genius and time invested into these combinations of feathers and hooks.

Chris N, February 04, 2023

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