Our fishing flies are "fly shop" quality, tied by the most skilled fly tyers in the world.

  • DiscountFlies imports fishing flies directly.  You save because there is no middleman to mark up the price.
  • DiscountFlies uses top quality hackle from Whiting Farms, materials from Wapsi & Hareline, and chemically sharpened hooks from Gamakatsu, Tiemco & Daiichi. We NEVER use low quality materials to produce our flies.
  • Our Flies are Truly "Fly Shop Quality" Flies. They are currently being sold in over 200 high quality brick and mortar fly shops. Countless guides and lodges purchase our high quality flies.
  • Discountflies spares no expense in order to provide you with the best flies that you can buy. Don't confuse discount with cheap, however. Our products are top quality.
  • Our flies are NOT tied in Kenya, nor are they tied by U.S. Prisoners. Flies from these two sources are consistently of inferior quality.
  • DiscountFlies pays our tyers premium prices for the extra time needed to produce top quality, durable fishing flies. These rates are well above minimum wages, with incentives for tying the best flies available in the industry. The employees who tie our flies love their work, and are proud of their products.


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  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.