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White Candy Man Got the Beast of the Day!

Rainbow with Candy Man Articulated Streamer
White Candy Man Articulated Streamer

Guide Mitch Bangert and his customer caught the fish of the day on a White Candy Man Articulated Streamer.  Big Fish like Big Flies!

Bubblegum Hareball Leeches are always a great choice for Silver Salmon!

Peter Kurz Coho on a Bubblegum Articulated Hareball Leech
Bubblegum Articulated Hareball Leech

 Peter Kurz, while fishing in Alaska, caught this bright Coho on a bubblegum articulated leech.  This is a must have fly when fishing for silver salmon!

Tarpon Tantrum was the ticket for Karlin!

Karlin Bilcher got this Tarpon using a Tarpon Tantrum
Red & Black Tarpon Tantrum

 Karlin Bilcher and Guide Nick Denbow were fishing in Mahahual, Mexico, and caught this gorgeous Silver King!  The expression Karlin's face says it all!

Beefy Rainbow on the Colorado River, caught by Don Girard

Don Girard with a Nice Rainbow, caught on a Rainbow Warrior
Jiggy Rainbow Warrior Tungsten Bead

Don Girard, from Centennial, Colorado, was fishing the Colorado River with a Jiggy Rainbow Warrior Tungsten Bead #18 when this beefy 'bow grabbed the fly.  While Don didn't measure the fish, the photo says it all!  Call me next time you go fishing Don!

Tim Hennessey got more than he was expecting!

Tim Hennessey reeling in a bonefish and an alligator!
Tan Squimp

While fly fishing Espiritu Santo Bay, Tim Hennessey caught a bonefish on a Squimp, which caught a hungry Crocodile!   Did you catch and release the fish Tim?

..and no, DiscountFlies does not carry a Crocodile Fly!

Jean & Wilbur Catabay got into the GT's and Bones of Christmas Island.

Jean and Wilbur Catabay flyfishing Christmas Island
Purple and Black Peanut Bunker and Light Sand Crazy Charlie

Jean & Wilbur Catabay enjoyed a trip to Christmas Island, where Giant Trevally attack Peanut Bunkers, and Bonefish eat Crazy Charlies!  

Thanks for sharing these photos Wilbur! Christmas Island is also on our bucket list!

Jamie Story won the battle!

Jamie Story's Yellow Jack
Tan Raghead Crab

While fly fishing for Permit on the Flats of Tobago, Guide Jamie Story  hooked up with this enormous Yellow Jack.  The size 6 Gamakatsu SL11 3H hook held up during an epic tug of war! 

Thanks for sharing this photo Jamie!  Lee Ann and I just put Tobago on our bucket list.

The Strombeck family were pretty thrilled about this gorgeous CutBow, caught on a Glo Bug - Egg Flame

Andrew Strombeck's Girls.
Glo Bug - Egg Flame Fly Pattern

Andrew Strombeck took his family to the Ozarks for a vacation, and made some long lasting memories for his daughters!  

Glo Bugs were the hot fly!

Jane Taylor, and the Bonefish & Permit of the Yucatan Are All Hooked On The Bead Chain Spawning Shrimp

Bonefish caught on a Beadchain Spawning Shrimp. Photo by Jane Taylor
Permit caught on a Beadchain Spawning Shrimp. Photo by Jane Taylor
Spawning Shrimp - Beadchain Eye

Wanted to pass on my positive review of your spawning shrimp bead-eye fly, code: W-SPSB.  This fly is my go-to for bonefish and permit in the Yucatan. Here are a couple of pics proving its success. Using the same fly, not just the same pattern,  but the SAME fly in a size 4, I landed a dozen bones in the 5 lb range and 2 small permit. The bones down here absolutely attack this fly. 

I am also impressed with how well the fly held up, even after being abused by the occasional toothy snapper. This pattern should be a staple in everyone's fly box if they're heading to the Yucatan. Thank you for offering such a quality product at a killer price. 

Jane Taylor

Copper King is a Spectacular Stonefly Nymph imitation for Drew Gross

Guide Drew Gross Rainbow Caught on the Colorado River on a Copper King Nymph
Copper King

Drew, Head Guide for Granby Bait 'N Tackle, is having a lot of success with a Copper King while fishing the Colorado River downstream of Granby.

Chartreuse & White Clouser is "Lights Out" for Bump Williams

Bump Williams Tarpon on Chartreuse and White Clouser Minnow
Chartreuse & White Clouser Minnow

Bump Williams got this 50 Pound Tarpon on a Chartreuse and White Clouser Minnow.  Bump was recently fishing Andros Island in the Bahamas, stayed at the Andros Bay Cottage Fishing Lodge, and hired David and Dwayne for their guides.

Mantis Shrimp - Tan got a 12 pound bonefish!

Bump Williams Bonefish on Tan Mantis Shrimp
Mantis Shrimp - Tan

Bump Williams got this 12 Pound Bonefish on a Tan Mantis Shrimp while fishing Grand Bahamas! Lee Ann thinks this is a good reason to head there, and Mike agrees!

DF Spawning Shrimp is 'da Bomb!

DF Spawning Shrimp Beadchain Eye

Eric Everett was just in Cuba, fly fishing for Bonefish.  The bones found the DF Spawning Shrimp to be 'da Bomb!  

Pat's Rubberleg Stonefly is "Just Right"

Joe Macomber and this large Rainbow found the Olive & Brown Pat's Rubber Leg Stonefly to be "Just Right"!

What a simple, amazingly effective fly!

Red Can Squid is Hot on the Shores of Cape Cod

Michael Hastings likes the Red Can Squid for catching monster Striped Bass from the Cape Cod Shores.  That huge eye has to be the reason that this fly is so successful!

Big Maui Bonefish on a Squimp

Capt. Clay Ching swears by a Squimp for big Maui Bonefish.

This fly has proven difficult to keep stocked and available because Clay is right.

Chalk Up Another Species To The Coho Comet

Rob Steers has caught just about every species of fish that will hit a fly on the Coho Comet, which was designed to catch Silver Salmon and Steelhead.  This Jack hit the Chartreuse Coho Comet.

We also carry this pattern in Pink.

Hybrid Worm Fools Big Carp

Kenny Price had a great day catching Carp, using the Hybrid Worm.

These are tough fish to catch.  Nice Job Kenny!

Black Egg Sucking Leech is Good for a Limit of Coho's

Mark Thomas caught this 13 pound Silver Salmon on a Black Egg Sucking Leech, along with 3 other Coho's.  

Coho's can't resist chasing Egg Sucking Leech Flies!

Banner Day for Joe and his Olive Pole Dancer

Joe Brennan had a banner day fishing the Yucatan coast in Mexico, catching 8 Snooks and 2 Jacks, all in 1 day, all on an Olive Pole Dancer.

The Pole Dancer has a back and forth movement when stripped across the top of the water, and predatory fish can't refuse it!

All Star Day For Nick Boehme

Nick Boehme Trout on Black Beadhead Wooly Bugger

Nick Boehme had an all star day fishing Black Beadhead Wooly Buggers.  This was one of many big Browns he caught.

Is there a more effective streamer ever designed than a Wooly Bugger?

Black and White Dolly Llama Works Well for Kurt Wald

Kurt Wald had some pretty good success while fishing in Situk, Alaska for Steelhead.  This one grabbed the Black & white Dolly Llama.  Gorgeous Fish Kurt!

The Dolly Llama streamer has become one of the most important and effective flies available for catching Big Steelhead, Salmon and Rainbows.

Nice Rainbow on a Top Secret Midge

Sherap Tharchen caught this Gorgeous Rainbow on a Top Secret Midge on the South Platte River near Deckers.

The South Platte is known for having some of the most intelligent, fly inspecting trout on this planet.  Glad the Top Secret Midge worked for those PhD Fly Inspectors!

Bryan Allison's Big Brown on a Mr. Hankey

Bryan Allison caught this Brown Trout Behemoth and a number of others in Montana while fishing a Mr. Hankey at night.  

Mr. Hankey has become one of the most effective Mouse flies to hit the market.  They fish well all day, and all night long!

Big Largemouth poses for a Selfie with Herbie Jaime

Herbie Jaime got this Gorgeous Largemouth to pose with him for a selfie, after catching it on a Mouse Rat.

The Mouse Rat is effective for most any predatory species of fish, and since the fly floats, the strike is a huge thrill!

Wet Baetis Soft Hackle is the ticket for Colorful Rainbows!

Corey Harris fished the Wet Baetis Soft Hackle, and caught this colorful rainbow while fishing in the evening.  

Soft Hackle Flies are very effective because the Hungarian Partridge used for the hackle, moves in the current, looking a lot like a struggling insect.

3D Stonefly Nymph Tempts This Large King Salmon

Matt Linder caught this King, and a number of others fishing the Douglaston Salmon Run in Pulaski, New York.  This one took a 3D Stonefly Nymph.  

The 3D Nymph is also effective for Trout and Steelhead.  

Purple Egg Sucking Leeches are the Ticket for Big King Salmon

Rich Zoeltsch, of New York, landed a number of nice King Salmon while fishing a Purple Egg Sucking Leech.  This was one of many.  

There are many theories as to why this fly is so effective.  No one knows for sure, but they are effective for catching Coho, Trout, and Steelhead too!  This fly is effective both in a dead drift or swing.

Conehead Zuddlers are the Ticket for 5 Pound Bass!

Kieran Mooney caught this 5 1/4 pound bass on a #6 Black & Silver Conehead Zuddler Minnow.  The Zuddler is also an effective fly for Steelhead, Trout, Pike and many other species.  Cast the fly upstream like a nymph, let it sink, then swing the fly through deep runs.

Fish Big Streamers For Big Fish!

Blair Edwards Big Rainbow on a Sculpin Minnow
Sculpzilla - Tan

Blair Edwards from Ventura, California caught this leviathon on a Sculpzilla - Tan.

Proves that if you want to catch big fish, you need to use big flies! Nice Fish Blair!

Kwabbit Picks Up Big Permit

Craig Cain from Colorado Springs, Colorado caught this monster permit on a Kwabbit while fishing the northern shore of Cozumel, Mexico.

Nice Fish Craig!

Sea habit's Catch Big Striped Bass

Benjamin Redmond from Maine caught this 42" BEAST of a Striped Bass on a Sea Habit - Herring while fly fishing offshore of Scarborough, Maine after midnight. Now that is passion for the sport!

We carry a wide variety of baitfish flies, effective for catching Striped Bass and other Saltwater Gamefish.

Golden Gummy Stonefly Got the Big King

Justin Strombeck from Kalamazoo, Michigan caught this beast on a #6 Golden Gummy Stonefly.

This fly is made from a gummy material that fish grab on, and don't want to let go of!

Dave's Black Beetle Effective at Catching Big 'Bow's

Ken August from Los Angeles, California caught & released this 13.5 pound, 32 inch trophy using a #12 Dave's Black Beetle.

Beetles and other Terrestrials are one of the best late summer and fall flies that you can fish.

Big Brown Trout on an Olive Flashabugger

Walt Tingle from Davidsonville, Maryland caught this gorgeous 32 inch 13 pound brown on a #6 Olive Beadhead Flashabugger.

There is no denying that the Wooly Bugger Style of fly is one of the most effective patterns at catching a wide variety of species of fish.

Purple Starlight Leech Perfect for Large Alaska 'Bow!

Craig Harned from Powell, Tennessee caught & released this gorgeous rainbow, while fishing in Alaska, using a #2 Purple Starlight Leech.

The Starlight Leech is an effective pattern for Steelhead, Rainbow, Silver Salmon, and many more species of fish.

Big Boy on a Black Gummy Stonefly

Andrew's Salmon Caught on a Black Gummy Stonefly

Andrew Strombeck from Kalamazoo, Michigan caught this big boy on a Black Gummy Stonefly.

This fly is made from a soft material that fish grab and hold onto!

Silver Salmon On Boris' Bitch'n Coho Fly

Boris Popov Silver Salmon on Bitch'n Coho Fly

Boris Popov from Cordova, Alaska caught this chrome silver salmon on a Boris' Bitch'n Coho Fly, while fishing Andersen Island Lodge, in Cordova, Alaska. Boris owns and operates this lodge, and the fishing is amazing!

Tan Stimulator Tempted This Amazing Rainbow

Joe Macomber's Rainbow

Joe Macomber from Winthrop, Maine caught this HOG on a Tan Stimulator.

The Stimulator dry fly works well as an attractor pattern or as a caddis adult, as an adult stonefly or salmon fly, and even as a grasshopper. This fly is both buoyant and highly visible to the fly fisherman.

Brown Trout Can't Resist a Goddard Caddis

Scott Harada's Brown Trout

Scott Harada from Newport Beach, California caught this beauty on a Goddard Caddis.

The Goddard Caddis is nearly unsinkable, and one of the MOST effective caddis patterns available. Female Adult Caddis propel themselves while gliding across the water, depositing eggs. Try to imitate this while fishing a Goddard Caddis.

Cutthroats Can't Resist A Zebra Midge!

Troye Davis from West Point, Utah caught this gorgeous Cutthroat on a Beadhead Zebra Midge, while fishing the Green River in Utah.

Midges are present in most rivers and lakes, and the Zebra Midge is one of the most effective midge (chironomid) patterns available.

Big Brown on a Black Bunny Leech

Paul Powers from Grafton, Massachusetts caught this nice brown while dead drifting an Articulated Black Bunny Leech, on the Salmon River in New York.

The articulated bunny leech has a weighted head, articulation in the center of the fly, and seductive rabbit fur that "breathes" as it is stripped. Add a head that looks like an egg, and you get a fly that fish can't resist!

Bass Love Zonkers

Scott Brown from Shoreview, Minnesota caught this Largemouth Bass on a Zonker.

Zonker's are an effective baitfish fly pattern for many species of both Saltwater and Freshwater Fish.

Nice Steelhead on a Conehead Popsicle

Victor Vogel from Hawley, Pennsylvania caught this Steelhead Trout on a Conehead Popsicle, while fishing the Salmon River in New York.

Big Brown Trout on a Pheasant Tail X Beadhead

Mike Smerdel from Shaker Heights, Ohio caught this large, colorful brown trout on a #14 Pheasant Tail X Beadhead, purchased from DiscountFlies.

A pheasant tail is an incredibly effective pattern. Then, you add some rubber legs, and the fly becomes simply irresistible!

Are you having success with a Pheasant Tail X Beadhead too? Another pattern from DiscountFlies?  Let us know!

 Big Brown on a Beadhead PMD Emerger

Luke Lincoln from Lake Bluff, Illinois caught & released this colorful brown on the Dream Stream portion of the South Platte River using a Beadhead PMD Emerger, purchased from DiscountFlies.

The Pale Morning Dun Hatch on the Dream Stream really picks up in July. Be prepared for this hatch with a variety of PMD patterns, including nymphs, emergers and dries.

Big Rainbow on a Gorilla Stonefly

Henry Beer from Boulder, Colorado caught this beauty on a Gorilla Stonefly while fishing the Blue River, just below the Dillon Dam.

The Blue River is known for easy access, stunning views, and plenty of fish. Those fish get big just below the dam.

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