Tying the Kreelex Streamer Fishing Fly | Two Versions

Originally called the Rolex, the Kreelex is a proven fly across species

by DiscountFliesFebruary 11, 2024 in Fly Tying Videos

Chuck Kraft released his first fly in 1961. It was called the “Anywhere, Anytime” and was popularized by articles in Field & Stream. Through the 80s he guided an average of 150 days per year. In the early 90s he started guiding in South America, where he developed what was then known as the “Rolex.” It didn't take long before his friends advised him that those watching might have an issue with the name. So, Kreelex it was. While Gold/Silver is the classic scheme, it can be tied in numerous variations: https://www.discountflies.com/...

The Traditional Kreelex Streamer Fishing Fly

The Jigged Kreelex Streamer Fishing Fly

Here is a jig version: Whether you use a jig hook with a pre-forged bead off the shelf, or a jig hook paired with a slotted bead, this is a deadly variation to either dead drift or jig through a drift....Hook: Jig Hook with pre-forged bead or Jig Hook with a slotted bead, sizes 8-14.

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