Tying the Darth Baetis Variation Fishing Fly

The Darth Baetis is a stellar baetis nymph...purple is a winter favorite.

by DiscountFliesJanuary 28, 2024 in Fly Tying Videos

The Darth Baetis is a stellar baetis nymph from Mr Garcia. He’s also responsible for great patterns like the Rojo Midge and the Mini Hot. We admittedly struggle a bit with the original pattern, which calls for a thread body covered in UV with a wire rib atop the body. Sometimes we find that the UV body is a bit slippery when try to start the wire rib…that’s most likely operator error on our part. To overcome this, we use a quill body covered in UV resin. We think the quill keeps the segmentation and durability, but it is easier for us to tie. We also use Kreinik flat braid for the legs.

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