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Product Description

Part Crab, part Shrimp, the Kwabbit is very effective at fooling both permit and bonefish.

New production of this fly is being tied as follows:
  • #8 as stated above is tied on #8 Tiemco 811S (This hook requires a lighter tippet)
  • #6 as stated above is tied on #8 SL-11 3H 
  • #4 as stated above is tied on #6 SL-11 3H
  • #2 as stated above is tied on #4 SL-11 3H
The Gamakatsu SL-11 3H is one of the strongest and sharpest hooks available, and worth every penny when you hook-up with a fish of a lifetime!

Additionally, new production also includes a weed guard, which can easily be trimmed off if it is not necessary.

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Verified Buyer
Kwabbit catches Permit and Bonefish
Craig Cain | April 2nd, 2018
I have had excellent luck in this past with the Kwabbit fly from DiscountFlies on both Permit and larger Bonefish. These recently received versions are, again, well-tied. I feel sorry for the fish!
Verified Buyer
Biggest Permit of my life on this fly
Craig Cain | December 9th, 2011
Per above, I caught the biggest Permit of my life on this fly. Also good for bonefish. Excellent fly!