Doug Hartman, Fly Designer.

Doug Hartman Fly Designer

by Mike RyanNovember 23, 2018 in Fly Designers

Doug Hartman, Fly Designer

Doug Hartman is an accomplished fly fisherman with more than thirty-years of experience fishing in the Rocky Mountain west, Alaska and the Caribbean. He has a love for the outdoors, a passion for fly fishing and, equally important, more than twenty-five years fly tying experience. Doug excels at combining the tradition of fly fishing with new and innovative pattern designs. He is a certified guide and has introduced men and women of all ages, from elementary students to first-timer fishers in their sixties and every age in between, to this incredible sport. He says there are few things as gratifying as being on a river having a great day when someone comes over and asks him what he’s fishing with….and being able to share that new pattern with a fellow fly fisher.

Doug is the designer of a number of flies, including:

Doug's Colossalbaetis Callibaetis
Doug's XB Green Drake
Doug's XB Hex
Doug's Wet Baetis Soft Hackle
Doug's Wet Pheasant Soft Hackle
Dougs's Flying Zebra Midge
Doug's Wet Hen Soft Hackle

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