What are Attractor Trout Flies, Attractor Nymphs & Attractor Dry Flies?

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Attractor Trout Flies

Flying insects and emerging nymphs are common on most bodies of water, but this is not always the case.  There are many times during the day, week or month where no bugs are hatching.  This is a great time to fish with an Attractor Dry Fly or Attractor Nymph.  Attractors are not specifically designed to imitate a specific insect, but rather, designed to look buggy, and can be very effective when fish are not keyed into a specific hatching bug. 

Often, big Attractors work better than smaller because they are more likely to get the attention of a fish.

Examples of Attractor Dry Flies:

Hippie Stomper - Royal
Parachute Purple Haze

Examples of Attractor Nymphs:

Copper John - Dark Olive & Black
Beadhead Prince Nymph
Psycho Prince Nymph - Purple

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