Tying an Eggstacy Egg Fishing Fly that Gets Down Quick

Eggstacy Material Looks Great in the Water

by Chris NAugust 24, 2023 in Fly Tying Videos

Eggstacy material looks great in the water. We like this pattern because it can be heavily weighted for high water conditions.

Hook: Firehole 520. https://www.discountflies.com/...

Bead: 3.5-4mm slotted Bead. We like UV colors. https://www.discountflies.com/...

Weight: 3-4 turns of wire. https://www.discountflies.com/product...

Thread: Match color of bead or Eggstacy material

Body: Eggstacy Chenille. https://www.discountflies.com/product...

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