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Pheasant Tail Ice | Change it up

by Anna on the FlyFebruary 16, 2022 in Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques, Anna's Fly of the Week

@anna_on_the_fly is on the water constantly. She is constantly trying new things -- new flies, new techniques, and new gear. We are grateful that she's an Ambassador for DiscountFlies. And, we're grateful that she shares her knowledge and adventures with us here in the "Fly of the Week" (or month during the "off" season) Column.

February 16th 2022

Fly of the Week: “Pheasant Tail Ice” I get asked a lot “what fly did you catch that on” or when I’m on the river bumping into people who haven’t caught any fish asking me “what’s working” I am always happy to share and I’ll even give you some flies so please don’t hesitate to ask- I’m all about sharing and helping people get on fish!! That being said I want to start sharing some flies that work for me.

Pheasant Tail - Ice
Pheasant Tail - Ice

The ticket fly on Sunday was the “Pheasant Tail Ice”. I started off with a leech attractor but the small fish were just HAMMERING the leeches, it’s like I couldn’t even get my fly in front of a big fish before a small fish came and ate it up — so like many of us chasing the “big ones” I knew I needed to change it up!! I threw on a rainbow warrior as an attractor which I had previously had success on in that hole the week before but no luck - that’s when I noticed a BWO hatch and knew TIME FOR THE ICE TO CAME OUT!! The pheasant tail is a tried and true tested pattern that imitates a plethora of bugs, one being the baetis nymph which we all know is a nice winter snack for trout, this variation has some flash aka the “ice” so it’s great for sunny days and as a lead attractor. The fish pictured was caught in a size 20 PT Ice as well as many other fish that day.

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This is starting to become one of my new favorite winter flies and a staple in my fly box, from South Boulder Creek to the South Platte to the Arkansas river this fly catches fish! Especially in heavily pressured water.

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