Fly Fishing For Silver Salmon In Cordova, Alaska.

Orca Adventure Lodge and Cordova, Alaska have some Amazing Fly Fishing For Silver Salmon!

by Mike RMarch 21, 2019 in Fly Fishing Travels

Silver Salmon Hook up on the Ibeck River, Cordova, Alaska

Cordova Alaska has become one of my favorite places to travel. It is well known for large returns of BIG silvers, Unbelievable scenery, and is relatively off of the beaten path, so crowds were only found within the first 100 yards of where rivers and highways meet. There were plenty of rivers to fish, and the Coho's were very aggressive with biting our flies.

Conehead Eggabou fly successfully caught this Silver Salmon

We stayed at Orca Adventure Lodge, where the staff took us on guided trips, then told us where to fish for our own adventures. The Alaganak, Eyak and Ibek Rivers became our second home away from the lodge. After a day of fishing, the staff at Orca cleaned, packaged and froze our fish, and provided airline boxes for the fish. Meals were spectacular and (relatively) low cost. The cost of staying at Orca was also very reasonable...some of the lowest rates we have seen in Alaska.

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