Tying October Caddis Fishing Flies

The last "Big Bug" hatch of the year...A Jiggy October Caddis, A Party Mop October Caddis, and an October Caddis Chubby

by Chris NSeptember 22, 2023 in Fly Tying Videos

October Caddis are one of the last hatches of the dry fly season.  While there are still BWOs around after the October Caddis hatch, we will call this the last "Big Bug" hatch of the year.  One of the challenges encountered with this hatch is that most of the hatch activity that occurs above the surface happens late at night.  Fishing this hatch with nymphs throughout day, however, can be productive.  Don't hesitate to throw a dry-dropper rig with an Orange Foam Caddis, an Orange Stimulator Chew Toy, or a Foam Body October Caddis as the big dry.  Even though the adults aren't hatching during the day, trout will often be opportunistic when keyed by something that is in-season.  

Tying a Jiggy Party Mopster October Caddis Fishing Fly

The new Mopster Mop Chenille from SemperFli is, in our mind, PARTY MOP! We like the “Danica” color, which is cream-ish, for a caddis-type fly. We add an orange bead and soft hackle for the upcoming October Caddis.
Here is the recipe:

Tying a Jiggy October Caddis Nymph Fishing Fly

This is a fast sinking nymph that will attract attention.  Fish this on a dead drift...and let it swing out to complete the drift.

Tying an October Caddis Chubby Inspired Fishing Fly

Here is a high floating Foam October Caddis inspired by the Chubby design:

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