SEMPERFLI Perfect Quills Small

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SEMPERFLI Perfect Quills Small
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Olive (11 Available)
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Product Description

Many fly tyers love tying with Stripped Quills. Perfect Quills are a synthetic alternative, which provides the perfect quill every time which has a premarked black edging and looks natural. Natural Quills can be difficult to get hold of and the quality can be inconsistent. Natural Quills are often brittle and hard to use – you may have tried soaking them and experienced this first hand? No longer. Here you have Perfect Quills. 

Perfect Quills have been developed in two versions – True Colors and Transparent.  For the transparent quill anything tied below the Stripped Quill shows through, from threads to tinsels to a fluorescent thread.

Size small best for hook size #12 and below.

There are 25 quills per pack. Each quill is 100mm in length (you can get 2 flies per quill depending on your fly size.

We recommend a layer of clear Thin UV Resin over the quill.

The advantage of the clear quill is that the body will then take on the color of whatever thread color you choose.

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