UVCraft UV Resin Ultra Thin - Brush Bottle

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UVCraft UV Resin Ultra Thin - Brush Bottle
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Product Description

This resin has an ultra-low viscosity paired with a fine tipped brush. It's perfect for coating bodies of small flies or as an alternative for head cement.

We use the Clear for everything from Perdigon bodies to small wingcases to covering whip finishes.  The Black is perfect for Perdigon Wingcases....no need to wait for nail polish to dry.  Prot tip: if you have a rotary vise, place a drop of Black resin on your fly as a wingcase and then turn it upside down (wingcase facing down) and cure from underneath.  Using gravity this way will halp create the perfectly shaped wingcase.  Repeat if necessary.


  • Made in the USA
  • Ultra-thin viscosity
  • Cures quickly with ultraviolet light
  • Hard, clear, glassy surface
  • Low odor
  • Fine detail brush glass bottle
  • Will not clump and crystallize from cold temperatures
Great for entire bodies on Perdigons. The black is a great option for wingcases...no more standing in line to buy black finger nail polish:

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