Tying Antonio's CDC Adult Dun BWO Baetis Fishing Fly

This creative and unique dry fly is also simple and quick to tie

by Chris NSeptember 14, 2023 in Fly Tying Videos

This is a unique and creative adult dun fishing fly.  Yet, it is also simple and quick to tie.  Most important, fish love it. It is reminiscent of a Comparadun or a No Hackle, but is made almost entirely of CDC.

For the body, we like to cut the fibers from each side of a CDC feather.  We let them fall to our desk and then mix them together with our fingers.  Do not dub too tightly or use dubbing wax; both of these will prevent the CDC from doing what it does best.  CDC "works" because the structure of the feather has a lot of surface area and is able to trap air.  We do, however, trim the shaggy body to roughly resemble a tapered body.

To prepare the CDC feathers for the wings, cut the tip section from 2-4 feathers.  This creates a "V" in each feather.  Removing the stems will reduce bulk during tie in.  To accomplish this, cut the "V" along the stem at a point that leaves the length of the "\" and "/" sides of the "V" to match your desired wing length.  We like to stack all the "V"-ed CDC feathers together before tying them in.

The wings are formed when the Fluor Filaments are pulled through the CDC tied in for wings.  This splits the CDC into two wings and also creates a Hi-Viz post.  Brilliant.

While the result is a shaggy fly, the profile that fish see is pure gold.

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