Tying a Kamikaze Sculpin with Synthetic Rabbit Zonker Strips

Synthetic rabbit zonker strips move like a natural material and are easy to tie with.

by Chris NSeptember 03, 2023 in Fly Tying Videos

The innovation in fly tying materials continues. Synthetic rabbit zonker strips, for example, move like a natural material and are easy to tie with. The “hide” is a bit thinner than natural rabbit hide, which has positives and negatives. While the thin hide contributes to smaller 1-3” sections of synthetic zonker strips tending to curl while tying, the thinness is an advantage when wrapping the zonker around the shank because much less bulk is created. The original recipe for this fly calls for a dubbing loop made of fur cut from a zonker strip for the head. Because of the bulk created, it would be very difficult to wrap a natural zonker strip around the shank and through the dumbbell eyes for this step. We think dubbing loops are great and it is a technique that should be mastered. That said, these synthetic zonker strips alleviate the need for a dubbing loop on this fly because the thin “hide” does not create bulk when wrapped around the shank. This saves time. That said, you can still cut the “fur” from the synthetic zonker strips and create a dubbing loop if you wish.

Kamikaze Zonker tied with Synthetic Zonker strips

Try this pattern in Olive as well as Tan.  The synthetic rabbit strips allow this pattern to be tied down to a size 8.

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