SEMPERFLI Nano Silk 50D (12/0)

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SEMPERFLI Nano Silk 50D (12/0)
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Product Description

Nano Silk 50D 12/0 is regarded as the tying thread of choice of professional fly tyers worldwide and is the best GSP thread on the market! 

50d is also known as 12/0 is the go to GSP thread. Nano Silk 50D 12/0 Black has all the strength you would expect from this premier thread. It is 10 times stronger than steel of the same diameter! Nano Silk 50D 12/0 is fine enough for size 16 to 32 flies. Although Nano Silk 50D 12/0 is a fine thread it can be split down further if required so dubbing making dubbing much easier!

Nano Silk 50D 12/0 Black is designed for flies sizes 8 to 16. Nano Silk 50D 12/0 is stronger than 6/0 polyester thread yet is less than 1/20th of the diameter. As a result, it can be used for any fly where you do not want to see your thread.

Because Nano Silk lays perfectly flat you get no thread build up. 

  • 12/0 50 denier thread
  • Breaking strain 1,900gm / 4.2lb
  • perfect on hook sizes 6 to 16
  • Lays perfectly flat with no build up, regardless of how many loops you put on the hook
  • 10 times stronger than steel of the same diameter

Pro Tips:
  • rotate anti-clockwise to untwist and lay perfectly flat. With just 2 or 3 light wraps of Nano Silk over foam you can then tighten and tie in foams or materials that would cut easily.
  • use white Nano Silk and simply color the last 4 inches (100mm) of thread for heads in a visible color

There are 100m / 109 yards (approx ) per spool of Nano Silk 50D 12/0 Black

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