Tying Perdigon Fly Fishing Flies like the Iron Lotus Perdigon and PMD Perdigon

Perdigon fly fishing flies are fish catchers for several reasons. With a few simple material changes, many of your favorite nymphs can be tied Perdigon style.

by Chris NMay 04, 2023 in Fly Tying Videos

Perdigon fly fishing flies are loved by fish and anglers alike.  Fly tiers also like this style of fly because they are relatively simple to tie.  In general, perdigons are well loved because they sink fast and they're very durable. 

These flies sink fast because the weight of the bead can do its work without much resistance.  Unlike other flies, perdigons rarely have legs or other appendages to create resistance as the fly sinks.  Furthermore, these flies are slim and coated in UV resin so they cut through the water quicker than a fly with a shaggy body and thorax.  All these characteristics allow perdigons to sink quickly...like a pellet.

The UV resin also results in a very durable fly.

The results many anglers experience while fishing perdigons has led to their increased popularity.  Understandably so.  We've seen many of our favorite flies tied "perdigon style."  Although not a secret, it reminds us of the not-so-secret secret menu at In and Out Burger in which hungry burger goers can order their burger "Animal Style."  We digress.  The Rainbow Warrior is an example of how many successful nymphs are being tweaked for perdigon style nymphs:

Jiggy Rainbow Warrior
Jiggy Rainbow Warrior
Jiggy Perdigon Rainbow Warrior
Jiggy Perdigon Rainbow Warrior

Iron Lotus Perdigon

The Iron Lotus is one of our go-to flies.  So, when we received the Synthetic Peacock Quills from SemperFli we knew we had all the pieces needed to create a Perdigon Iron Lotus.  Here's what we're thinking:

We sell the synthetic quills in a multi-card of various sizes and colors.  The small sizes are good for wrapping, like in the video above.  The larger sizes are great for traditional pulled over wingcases with resin cured atop the wingcase.

SEMPERFLI Synthetic Peacock Quill Multicard
SEMPERFLI Synthetic Peacock Quill Multicard

Here are all the materials we use in this video that we have available:



PMD Perdigon Fly Fishing Fly

A simple Perdigon PMD using SemperFli Perdigon Body and a great tool for UV bodies.

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