Tying the Madam X Salmonfly Fishing Fly

A traditional adult stonefly dry fly

by DiscountFliesMay 27, 2024 in Fly Tying Videos

The Madam X has been around for a long time. Elk and deer hair are used in all categories of flies...dries, nymphs, streamers, bass bugs, salt. When it comes to elk and deer hair there are many types, colors, and grades. When tying stonefly adults, longer hair is important. Elk mane is often used as a wing for a Madam X. While it is long, Elk Mane doesn't flare much. This is good for the aesthetics of this pattern, but the challenge is that Elk Mane doesn't float as well as other types of hair that are more "hollow." Any fly tied with this material as a wing needs a good douse of a floatant like Fly Agra. Alternatively, Yearling Elk is a traditional choice for the tail and wing and floats a bit better. In any event, here’s what a traditional Madam X looks like in full salmonfly regalia.

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