Tying the Improved Madam X Foam Salmonfly Fishing Fly

Most fly design is evolutionary, attempting to solve a specific problem or adapt an existing fly to a specific situation

by DiscountFliesMay 27, 2024 in Fly Tying Videos

The Madam X has been around for a long time. The challenge with this fly is that it can take constant effort to keep it afloat. To solve this, the Parachute Madam X (PMX) adds some hackle along the body and adds a parachute. This is one path of fly design…tweak and existing pattern to solve a specific problem or adapt it to a specific region. This is evolutionary and this is how a lot of fly design happens. Another solution to floatability is to use high float materials like foam. Below is an attempt to use foam to increase floatability on a Madam X style fly.

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