Tying and Soft Hackle Hare's Ear Bead Head Fishing Fly

Hare’s ear is, without doubt, one of the very best materials for tying flies.

by DiscountFliesMay 19, 2024 in Fly Tying Videos

Folks naturally characterize themselves as a "type" based on their preferences and experiences. Like Chevy, Ford, or Dodge. Like Burgers, Pizza, or Enchiladas.

When it comes to flies – especially nymphs – it comes down to pheasant tail, hare’s ear, or peacock herl...PTs, GRHEs, or Princes. Which is the best? All deserve a place in the Hall of Fame, just like Elway, Montana, and Marino. As the for the GOAT of natural materials, we will leave that as an open debate.

Hare’s ear is, without doubt, one of the very best. Although best known for his Twain-like humor, John Gierach is also a formidable fly tier. In his book “Good Flies,” Mr Gierach makes no bones about his favorite nymph: “My favorite nymph by far is the Hare’s Ear...and I have to think that has something to do with the material itself…[the] coloring is exactly the kind of coloration a nymph afraid of being eaten by a trout would want to come up with.”

Combine Hare’s Ear, a bead, and a soft hackle and you have a winning combination for almost anywhere, anytime.

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