Tying Stalcup's Bead Diving Caddis Fishing Fly

Mr Stalcup called this fly "probably the most productive creation I've come up with."

by DiscountFliesMay 13, 2024 in Fly Tying Videos

A classic from the vise and mind of Mr Stalcup. The original wings of this fly are medallion sheeting, which is a material that Mr Stalcup made from packaging material. While it can be difficult to find if you’re not a hoarder of fly-tying materials or have a friend that collects generational amounts fly tying materials, we’ve heard that Brian Schmidt is making a Gen 2 version that includes a bit of glitter. If you can’t find medallion sheeting, Zing Wing works (also more and more difficult to find). We’ve been using Flash Back Plus from Sybai, a Czech-based company. While this material is a little stiffer than medallion sheeting, it does seem to work well. Swiss straw (raffia) would also work. Regardless, figure out something because Mr Stalcup called this fly one of his favorite flies to fish “no matter if it is in a stream, lake, river, beaver pond, high mountain lake….wherever I fish, this is probably THE MOST PRODUCTIVE FLY I’VE EVER COME UP WITH. ” Mic drop, or as my son’s might say, “Bro…..”a

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