Sunny Sundgaard, Fly Designer.

Sunny Sundgaard Fly Designer

by Chris Nielsen (Admin) AdminNovember 23, 2018 in Fly Designers

Sunny Sundgaard, Fly Designer
Sunny Sundgaard, Fly Designer

The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

Hanging prominently in his fly tying den, this quote reflects the meaning of fishing for Sunny Sundgaard. As a little boy, his Dad taught him how to fish and instilled in him hope and a passion for the sport, which continues to motivate and inspire him to this day.

A long-time resident of the small community of Sedalia, Colorado, Sunny’s fly fishing journey began in earnest over three decades ago on the famed South Platte River where he

learned an appreciation and respect for pursuing wild trout on his home waters. Curious by nature, Sunny closely observed all of the nuances of fish behavior and applied himself to perfect the techniques and fly designs to improve as an angler.

Fast forward to today, where his love of the outdoors – fly fishing and hunting – has translated into his enthusiasm for catching carp. It is a magical combination of hunting, stalking and observation. The subtleties in detail and the need for acute awareness open up a whole new avenue and appreciation for the sport.

And if you asked him what his favorite fish is to target with a fly rod? Carp. Period. Hands down the most fascinating fish he’s ever had the chance chase. Powerful, spooky, intelligent, unpredictable, all describe one of the most underrated gamefish to be targeted on a fly rod.

His carp flies are inspired by a deep interest in innovation and functionality. He is consumed by what is possible with carp patterns that work and work consistently.

Fly fishing and fly designs for carp are still relatively new in the grand scheme of fishing. He credits the many pioneers of the sport that have inspired him to think differently. Where it can go and the unique flies that Sunny creates continue to push the envelope of what is possible. 

Sunny has spent a lot of time perfecting the Voodoo Mule Carp Fly, and has had a LOT of success with this pattern.

Sundgaard's Voodoo Mule - Red
Sundgaard's Voodoo Mule - Red

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