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What are Jigged Hook Nymphs, and How Do You Fish a Jiggy Nymph?

by Chris Nielsen (Admin) AdminJanuary 06, 2020 in Fly Hatches

During summer months, trout eat around 80% of their food below the surface. During winter, that number is close to 100%. While fishing a dry fly is considered the most exciting form of fly fishing, nymphing is unequivocally the most effective way of catching trout. If you are going to take on cold weather, numb fingers and frozen rod tips, wouldn't you want to use the most effective flies to catch fish?

The dead drifted traditional nymph hook orients so that the eyelet points up, and the hook bend points downward. Often, this orientation tends to snag the bottom. Jig hook flies drift parallel to the bottom with the hook tip pointed upward. This orientation has several advantages:

  • The nymph can drift and bounce along the riverbed with reduced chances of snagging obstructions along the bottom of the river. (NOTE:  Please see our updated post to see how our understanding of this has evolved as we've fished more and learned more)
  • The horizontal nymph is thought to be more realistic.
  • Hook the fish in its snout, giving you more control of the fish after it is hooked.

All of our jigged hook nymphs are tied on barbless hooks, so landing and releasing the fish is effortless and quick.

Big trout typically reside in deep water, downstream of big rocks, which requires the nymph to sink quickly. Our jiggy nymphs all have tungsten beads, which sink fast!. Use a tuck cast to get the fly deep even quicker.

Jiggy Nymphs have really "caught on" with fishermen, and our customers can't seem to get enough "jig" in their flies.  This style of fly has become one of our top sellers!

Tungsten Beaded, Jigged Hook Nymphs are very popular with Euro Nymphing style of fly fishing.

Here are a just a few of our jigged Hook Nymphs that we offer:

Jiggy CDC Flashback Pheasant Tail Tungsten Bead
Jiggy CDC Flashback Pheasant Tail Tungsten Bead
Jiggy Copper John - Zebra
Jiggy Copper John Tungsten Bead - Zebra
Jiggy Iron Lotus Tungsten Bead
Jiggy Iron Lotus Tungsten Bead
Jiggy Lightning Bug - Pearl
Jiggy Lightning Bug Tungsten Bead - Pearl
Jiggy Rainbow Warrior Tungsten Bead
Jiggy Rainbow Warrior Tungsten Bead
Jiggy Czech Jig - UV Rainbow
Jiggy Czech Jig Tungsten Bead- UV Rainbow
Jiggy V-Rib Mayfly Nymph - Tan Tungsten Bead
Jiggy V-Rib Mayfly Nymph Tungsten Bead - Tan
Jiggy Prince Nymph Tungsten Bead
Jiggy Prince Nymph Tungsten Bead
Jiggy Zebra Midge - Black
Jiggy Zebra Midge Tungsten Bead - Black

See All of Our Jiggy Jig Hooked Nymphs

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Jiggy Jig Hooked Nymphs

I have been fishing these lately and they are great. These are the best anchor flies I have used. Fish stay on great and easy to release fish. Top Quality Flies here !! Thank You

Frank Canora, 09/25/2020 16:57:02

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