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HDA Fav | A fly that has just been killin’ it for me this summer

by Anna on the FlyJuly 21, 2022 in Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques, Anna's Fly of the Week

@anna_on_the_fly is on the water constantly. She is constantly trying new things -- new flies, new techniques, and new gear. We are grateful that she's an Ambassador for DiscountFlies. And, we're grateful that she shares her knowledge and adventures with us here in the "Fly of the Week" (or month during the "off" season) Column.

July 21st 2022

FLY OF THE WEEK!! “HDA Fav” It’s Thursday and as promised I want to share a fly with you that has just been killin’ it for me this summer

HDA Favorite

Like most of us with river closures I have been exploring new and old creeks and streams in search of my absolutely favorite trout- the cutthroat this weeks fly has brought fish to the net one after the next! The “HDA fav” works great during these dog days of summer as it is a jigged nymph with a tungsten bead so it gets down in the water column quick where the fish are holding in the heads and middle of runs.

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During the summer as the water gets warmer fish move into the faster water where there is more oxygen. This fly is especially deadly fished under a hopper/dry dropper rig.

That being said it has also been very productive on larger rivers as the flash back and orange hot spot grab the attention of trout quick and this fly looks extremely buggy It’s basically a jigged hares ear soft hackle with flashback so it can imitate a wide variety of bugs, from stoneflies, green drakes, caddis, sow bugs and more.

Use this fly as a dry dropper, as a searcher pattern, off deep shelves and runs, to scrape the bottom for the big boys or even as an emerger - especially during a caddis hatch on the swing

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