Fly Assortments For Trout

What are some effective fly assortments for fly fishing for trout?

by Mike RyanJanuary 29, 2021 in Fly Hatches

We receive many phone calls and emails from beginning fly fishers who are interested in starting this new hobby with an assortment of flies, pre-chosen by experienced fly fishermen.  

An assortment of flies for trout fly fishing is a great way to start.  DiscountFlies Online Fly Shop has a number of these fly assortments, pre-packaged in a clear plastic compartmentalized fly box, and ready to catch fish.  These fly assortments can be grouped by "The Hatch" or by the "Region".

The Hatch:  The location you fish will determine many of the specific bugs present, but most rivers are home to:

  • Mayflies, 
  • Caddis Flies
  • Midges

 Mayflies:  Three of the most important Mayfly Hatches are the Baetis (or Blue-winged Olive) Mayflies, the Pale Morning Dun (PMD) Hatch and the Trico Hatch.  We offer several pre-selected Fly Assortments to match the life-cycle of each of these mayflies:

This 21 Piece Baetis Assortment includes the complete lifecycle (nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners) in size #18-22 plus a fly box.This 24 Piece Pale Morning Dun Assortment includes the complete lifecycle (nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners) in size #14-18 plus a fly box.This 15 Piece Trico Assortment includes the important lifecycle members ( emergers, duns and spinners) of trico's in Size #18-22 plus a fly box.
Baetis Mayfly Assortment for Trout
Pale Morning Dun Fly Assortment for Trout
Trico Mayfly Assortment for Trout
Baetis Mayflies begin their hatch early spring, then taper off early summer, only to begin hatching again in the fall.  Learn More About the Baetis Mayfly Hatch.Pale Morning Duns begin their hatch in early summer, and continue to hatch through the end of summer.  Learn More About the PMD Mayfly Hatch.Trico's begin hatching in July, and continue through August.  Learn More About the Trico Mayfly Hatch.

 Caddis & Midges (also known as Chrionomids):  While there are thousands of different species of Caddis and Midge insects, pay attention to size and color, and match what you see under the rocks, emerging or in flight.

This 12 Piece Caddis Fly Assortment includes a complete lifecycle (Larva, Pupa, Adult) of Caddisflies plus a fly box.This 30 Piece Midge or Chironomid Assortment includes a complete lifecycle (larva, pupa and adult) of midges plus a fly box.
12 Piece Caddis Fly Assortment for Trout
30 Piece Midge Fly Collection for Trout
Caddis spend their time under rocks as a larva, then swim to the surface (emerger), then fly off as an adult.  Their hatch begins in April, and can extend through September or October.  Learn More About The Caddisfly Hatch.Midges live year around in rivers and lakes, and hatch nearly every day of the year.  They are a staple of trout.  Learn More About The Midge Hatch.

The Region:  In addition to "Matching the Hatch", DiscountFlies offers a regional fly assortment geared for fly fishing for Eastern vs. Western Regions of the U.S.  These fly assortments for trout include multiple sizes of different bugs that are found in the waters of those regions. 

This 32 Piece Eastern Fly Assortment includes Attractors, Baetis, March Browns, Light Cahills, Sulphur Duns, PMD's, Caddisflies, Terrestrials and Streamers, plus a fly box.  This assortment is a great way to begin fly fishing in the West.This 39 Piece Western Fly Assortment includes Attractors, Baetis, Green Drakes, PMD's, Red Quills, Trico's, Stoneflies, Caddisflies, Worms, Hoppers, and Streamers plus a fly box.  This assortment is a great way to begin fly fishing in the East or Mid-West.
32 Piece Eastern Fly Assortment for Trout
39 Piece Western Fly Assortment for Trout

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