Captain Edwin Patron, Fly Fishing Guide and Fly Designer.

Captain Edwin Patron, Isla Blanca Fly Fishing Guide

by Mike RyanNovember 23, 2018 in Fly Designers

Captain Edwin Patron, Fly Fishing Guide and Fly Designer

Captain Edwin has been guiding Fly Fishing clients in Mexico since 2003 and has worked in the calm waters of Chetumal Bay near Belize, the busy waters of Cancun and the pristine flats and channels of Isla Blanca.

Currently, he is the main guide for Cancun Fly Guides

Cancun and Isla Blanca are where he calls home since 2005 and he specializes in Fly Fishing in Isla Blanca. Captain Edwin has a wife and daughter who share their love for Isla Blanca as much as he does.

When Captain Edwin is not guiding clients, he is fishing and is eager to share his knowledge with his clients, in English or Spanish. His patient, low-key approach makes for a memorable experience for all his clients. Captain Edwin is an accomplished fly tier and has developed many unique patterns of flies that work well for for Isla Blanca, as well as many other destinations.  His favorite fly to fish is his Milky Crab.  We offer this fly in 2 different colors, white legs and yellow legs.

Patron's Milky Crab - White Legs
Patron's Milky Crab - Yellow Legs

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