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Nano Silk is regarded as the tying thread of choice of professional fly tyers worldwide. Being so super strong and available in such a variety of colors and deniers it has endless possibilities and can be used for micro flies to medium flies. Virtually unbreakable and still capable of being split down for dubbing twists there is no fly tying thread as strong as Nano Silk anywhere.

The combination of strength and small diameter makes this our go-to tying thread. Because Nano Silk lays perfectly flat you get no thread build up. 

  • 18/0 30 denier thread
  • Breaking strain 1,140g / 2.51lb
  • perfect on hook sizes 16 to 32
  • Lays perfectly flat with no build up, regardless of how many loops you put on the hook
  • 10 times stronger than steel of the same diameter

Pro Tips:
  1. rotate anti-clockwise to untwist and lay perfectly flat. With just 2 or 3 light wraps of Nano Silk over foam you can then tighten and tie in foams or materials that would cut easily
  2. use white Nano Silk and simply color the last 4 inches (100mm) of thread for heads in a visible color
  3. with all GSP threads including Nano Silk Ultra 30D 18/0 Black you should always use a ceramic bobbin holder

Size: 18/0 (30 Denier), 50m (54 yards) spool.

The clip below shows just how thin this thread is. It keeps underbodies very slim and allows for precise tapers:

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Yellow (4 Available)

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High quality hand-stripped peacock quills.  Perfect for bodies on everything from comparaduns to perdigons.  Add a layer of UV Resin for all-day durability.  

Each pack contains 25 quills.

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Olive (4 Available)
Pheasant Tail (3 Available)
Pink (5 Available)
Purple (5 Available)
Rainbow (3 Available)

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Raven and Wolf UV Rainbow Dub is A VERY HIGH UV dubbing for various dubbing uses...scuds, basic nymphs, midge and caddis pupa.  Try mixing in a touch of this with Hare's Ear for Sexy Walt's Worms.

Bag measures 3 x 4 inches.

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Blood Red (3 Available)
Earthworm Brown (3 Available)
Fluorescent Pink (3 Available)
Purple (3 Available)

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Sili Worms: Extreme elongation, up to 200%, makes this material the number one choice for tying soft wiggly worm patterns.

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Body Materials - SEMPERFLI Sparkle Dubbing

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Dark Brown (11 Available)
Deep Purple (9 Available)
Gray (10 Available)

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Sparkle Dubbing is a vibrant sparkling dubbing designed to reflect light which glints through this superb dubbing. Sparkle Dubbing is synthetic and has a sheen that reflects light and adds lustre and sparkle to dubbing.  It is a longer fibre that you can blend with other dubbings. After all, as anglers we have all send natural bugs glisten and sparkle in the sunlight. Designed to give that same glisten that you get from natural insects or as an attractor or hot spot to trigger attacks from the predatory fish you are hunting.

Sparkle Dubbing has been pre cut and blended into approximately 2” / 50mm lengths for easy handling when dubbing. Sparkle Dubbing is 35 microns diameter. Sparkle Dubbing Black is the perfect dubbing to put hot spots on nymphs, thoraxes or bodies on your flies.

We like the Dark Brown and Deep Purple for tying Top Secret Midges.
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Clear (3 Available)
Black (5 Available)

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This resin has an ultra-low viscosity paired with a fine tipped brush. It's perfect for coating bodies of small flies or as an alternative for head cement.

We use the Clear for everything from Perdigon bodies to small wingcases to covering whip finishes.  The Black is perfect for Perdigon need to wait for nail polish to dry.  Prot tip: if you have a rotary vise, place a drop of Black resin on your fly as a wingcase and then turn it upside down (wingcase facing down) and cure from underneath.  Using gravity this way will halp create the perfectly shaped wingcase.  Repeat if necessary.


  • Made in the USA
  • Ultra-thin viscosity
  • Cures quickly with ultraviolet light
  • Hard, clear, glassy surface
  • Low odor
  • Fine detail brush glass bottle
  • Will not clump and crystallize from cold temperatures
Great for entire bodies on Perdigons. The black is a great option for more standing in line to buy black finger nail polish:

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Black (5 Available)
Blue (5 Available)
Green Chartreuse (4 Available)
Orange (5 Available)
Yellow Chartreuse (5 Available)

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Tie next-generation foam poppers, sliders, and divers. Design by Martin Bawden. 

The Double Barrel is an innovative, modern, soft-foam popper body that makes it easy to tie the most popular popper, slider, and diver flies being used today to target various species from panfish to sailfish! It has several unique design advantages over other popper bodies and is available in a comprehensive range of sizes and colors, allowing you to tie a full spectrum of flies. The versatile foam head can be tied on with the cup facing forward to create popper flies, and can be tied on in reverse to create slider, diver, and Sneaky Pete style foam flies. 

 Quantity per pack: Extra-small, Small, Medium (8); Large (6); Extra-large (4). 

Extra-small:  Length 13 mm x Width 10 mm x Height 8 mm. Fits #8 hooks and 3 mm eyes. 
Small: Length 16 mm x Width 13 mm x Height 10 mm. Fits #6 hooks and 3 mm eyes. 
Medium: Length 21 mm x Width 17 mm x Height 13 mm. Fits #2 hooks and 4 mm eyes. 
Large: Length 27 mm x Width 20 mm x Height 18 mm. Fits 2/0 - 4/0 hooks, 28 mm shanks, and 6 mm eyes. 
Extra-large: Length 33 mm x Width 27 mm x Height 26 mm. Fits 4/0 - 6/0 hooks, 40 mm shanks, and 8.5 mm eyes. 


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Black (5 Available)
Chartreuse (5 Available)
White (4 Available)

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Tapered synthetic fly tying fibers. 

 Tie flies of all types and sizes from nymphs to Clousers to T-Bones with Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail, a tapered synthetic multi-use fly tying fiber designed to imitate typical premium-length natural bucktail. Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail fibers have the same basic diameter, gentle crinkle, and taper as natural bucktail. In appearance, it looks almost identical and has the same distinctive bucktail fly or lure action in the water. However, the fibers are not hollow (which helps your fly sink faster) and will not flare in the same way as regular bucktail while tying. This means you will need to tie with slightly different techniques to achieve the same effect. 

Every Faux Bucktail fiber is premium 6 in (152 mm) length, giving you more than twice the amount of usable fibers per tail and eliminating the headache of sorting and searching for ideal strands. Simply peel off the full length of your desired amount of fibers, trim to length, and tie them in. 

The fibers can be used in a wide range of fly or lure types. 
  • Trout flies: Beautiful tapered wrapped "quill" bodies, nymph wing cases, Mayfly tails and legs. 
  • Streamers: From tying typical Clouser Minnows or Deceivers right up to large, "bite-proof" Pike, Musky or Golden Dorado flies. 
  • Poppers: Tie simple and durable tails on foam poppers 
  • Bucktail Jigs: Tougher, longer lasting fresh and saltwater bucktail jigs. 
  • Musky Bucktail Lures or dressed trebles.
Note: Faux Bucktail cuts easily, but like most other synthetic materials can be hard on your nice scissors. Use serrated heavy duty scissors designed for synthetics (or an old pair you don't mind abusing). 


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Body Materials - SEMPERFLI Superfine Dubbing

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Black (11 Available)
Dark Olive (11 Available)
Iron Blue (11 Available)
Medium Dun (10 Available)

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SEMPERFLI Superfine Dubbing is super fine dubbing that can be used to create normal dubbing by simply breaking with your fingers.  Superfine Dubbing is an 80 micron diameter fiber, making it superfine and very easy to twist on your thread in small amounts.  You can blend Superfine Dubbing with other colors, or with our Sparkle Dubbing or Ice Dubbing also for stunning effects.  We like this dubbing for size 16-18 dries and nymphs like RS2s.  
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Olive (11 Available)
Purple (11 Available)
Transparent (Clear) (10 Available)

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Many fly tyers love tying with Stripped Quills. Perfect Quills are a synthetic alternative, which provides the perfect quill every time which has a premarked black edging and looks natural. Natural Quills can be difficult to get hold of and the quality can be inconsistent. Natural Quills are often brittle and hard to use – you may have tried soaking them and experienced this first hand? No longer. Here you have Perfect Quills. 

Perfect Quills have been developed in two versions – True Colors and Transparent.  For the transparent quill anything tied below the Stripped Quill shows through, from threads to tinsels to a fluorescent thread.

Size small best for hook size #12 and below.

There are 25 quills per pack. Each quill is 100mm in length (you can get 2 flies per quill depending on your fly size.

We recommend a layer of clear Thin UV Resin over the quill.

The advantage of the clear quill is that the body will then take on the color of whatever thread color you choose.

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