Black (Solid) (5 Available)
Brown (5 Available)
Coffee Black/Tan (Variegated) (5 Available)

  • Code: M-CCCHN
  • Price: $2.95
  • Quantity in Basket: none

Chenille. This is size 2 (Large). Solid colors and variegated. A staple for everything from buggers to Pat's.
Average Customer Rating (5 flies is best): Not yet rated


Fluorescent Chartreuse (11 Available)
Tan (12 Available)
White (8 Available)

  • Code: M-SFFC30
  • Price: $6.46
  • Quantity in Basket: none

Fry Chenille 30mm XXL is a large 30mm chenille perfect for bodies of large streamers and flies for fresh and saltwater predators. Very dense, Fry Chenille builds quickly on flies. 

Fry Chenille 30mm XXL Specifications:

  • Width In 1.182 inch
  • Width In 30mm
  • Actual Length (Imperial) 27 inches
  • Length (Metres) 0.7m

Average Customer Rating (5 flies is best): Not yet rated


Black Peacock (10 Available)
Blue Peacock (10 Available)
Green Peacock (11 Available)

  • Code: M-SFSPHS
  • Price: $5.16
  • Quantity in Basket: none

Designed to imitate natural Peacock Herl, Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl is a fritz / chenille which contains all the iridescents that you find in natural Peacock Herl...accents of blue, green, copper and gold highlight and change in different lighting conditions just like natural Peacock Herl. 

Peacock herl has been used for many years as a fly tying material. With its stunning iridescence, fly tyers love the way the colors change as you look at this amazing material. Because of recent CITES restrictions on natural herl, the Semperfli team decided to create a synthetic peacock herl that would reflect different colors. This new synthetic material has black, blue and green backgrounds and different colored tinsels embedded. Built on a tight core, this synthetic is designed to mimic peacock’s natural iridescence and color changing properties as light hits different parts of the herl. With this synthetic herl you can cover the hook very quickly with simple wraps to create perfect alternative to Peacock Herl without the concern that your Peacock Herl will snap mid fly.

This synthetic peacock herl is available in Extra Small (2mm) and Small (4mm).

When SemperFli worked on the prototypes of this product, samples were sent to some of their pro team for testing.  They received exciting feedback. Hans van Klinken immediately used it as the thorax of his Klinkhamer and told us its absolutely great, awesome for Klinkhamer 2.0 for size 12 and larger flies. You will see it in his book when it is released!
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Arctic Fox (11 Available)
Fawn (Dark Tan) (12 Available)
Fox Squirrel (5 Available)
Lynx (Light Tan) (12 Available)
Olive (11 Available)
Panther (Black) (5 Available)
Silver Fox (11 Available)

  • Code: M-SSRZS
  • Price: $4.20
  • Quantity in Basket: none

Synthetic Rabbit Zonker Strips are the very best alternative to natural rabbit for fly tying; in fact, it is a material revelation! These Synthetic Rabbit Zonker Strips have many benefits including; easier to cast, lighter when landing on the water, and will maintain full shape and density preventing the materials from collapsing like natural rabbit fibers. 

There are 1m / 1 yards (approx ) per card.

Average Customer Rating (5 flies is best): Not yet rated


Black (11 Available)
Bronze (12 Available)
Chartreuse (12 Available)
Copper (12 Available)
Dennis the Menace (Fluoro Red & Black) (11 Available)
Gold (12 Available)
Litchen (Olive Brown) (12 Available)
Pearl (10 Available)
Tan (12 Available)

  • Code: M-SXTS
  • Price: $4.16
  • Quantity in Basket: none

Extreme String (40mm) gives an amazing appearance of long dyed hackles with embeUse for Pike, Muskie, Bull Trout, Saltwater or any predators!. With 40mm hackles Extreme String (40mm) Pearl produces extreme flies, hence its name. Use as hackles, body wraps, as a palmered chenille for incredible effects and movement

Extreme String (40mm) works amazingly well if brushed with a brush to separate the fibers even further. Either brush before or once tied to add even more bulk without weight to this stunning material.

  • 40mm long hackles (from core)
  • 4m (4.3 yards) per card
  • Ideal for predator flies or shrimp patterns

Average Customer Rating (5 flies is best): Not yet rated


Brown (12 Available)
Copper Brown (12 Available)
Fluorescent Dark Pink (10 Available)
Fluorescent Green Rhyac (11 Available)
Fluorescent Orange (11 Available)
Gray (12 Available)
Litchen (12 Available)
Olive (12 Available)
White (12 Available)

  • Code: M-SGHC
  • Price: $4.50
  • Quantity in Basket: none

Guard Hair Chenille was designed to imitate the natural fur of animals using gold tinsel that protrudes above the chenille. Guard Hair Chenille is ideal for streamers, saltwater and predator patterns where the gold guard hairs provide movement and create stunning fly patterns. Try on buggers, eggs, and next level blobs!

Pro Tips:
  • Guard Hair Chenille is built on a slightly elastic core. Use scissors to remove the end fibres to create a narrow tying in point.
  • Brush Guard Hair Chenille with a toothbrush or similar soft bristle dubbing brush...Guard Hair Chenille is tightly crimped during manufacture.  Wwhen brushed it appears bulkier and gives great movement

There are 2m / 2.1 yards (approx ) per card of Guard Hair Chenille.
Average Customer Rating (5 flies is best): Not yet rated


Brown Trout Roe (12 Available)
Waiting List Cream
Egg White (12 Available)
Fluoro Nuclear Green (12 Available)
Powder Pink (11 Available)

  • Code: M-SEGG8
  • Price: $6.45
  • Quantity in Basket: none

Semperfli has taken Egg Fritz or Chenilles to the next level with our Slush-Fibres giving amazing life and color to your Egg flies. Semperfli Slush Fibres are micro thin fibres and when tied give and amazing slush puppy ice drink like look to the EggStatic. Our Slush-Fibres are built into the core which produce fibres that are translucent, allowing light to travel through the egg/blobb.  Great movement also. Put it in the water and the see color come alive as the water turns the material slushy and transluscent.

Shhh....try this chenille as the body on a Mantis Shrimp or Squimp!

There are 3m per card.
Average Customer Rating (5 flies is best): Not yet rated


Fluorescent Pink (10 Available)
Root Beer (11 Available)

  • Code: M-SBNR
  • Price: $4.26
  • Quantity in Basket: none

Body-n-Rib is designed to tie quality flies fast! Semperfli Body-n-Rib is a unique material with a dyed core to match your desired body color.  The out layer envelops the core and creates an iridescent, vibrant rib.  Great for San Juan worms with a bit of sheen.

Average Customer Rating (5 flies is best): Not yet rated


Waiting List Earthworm Brown
Fluorescent Pink (5 Available)
Fluorescent Red (5 Available)

  • Code: M-CCVCHMD
  • Price: $2.95
  • Quantity in Basket: none

Vernille or "Ultra Chenille": Cascade was the first supplier to offer this velvet yarn. The main ingredient for San Juan worms. Over the years it has been used as chenille, extended or "wiggle" bodies, and is tough and durable. Small is 1mm and Medium is 2mm.
Average Customer Rating (5 flies is best): Not yet rated


Tan (10 Available)

  • Code: M-CCSRZS
  • Price: $4.50
  • Quantity in Basket: none

We are always on the lookout for new materials and these Synthetic Zonkers are an example. These 100% synthetic strips swim just like rabbit and are extremely durable.  They are easy to cast because they shed water. The "hide" is very easy to work with and can be used like crosscut rabbit for streamers and big nymphs.  Cut the fibers off the hide and they can be used in dubbing loops and of our favorite ways to use the tan color is for the mouth on shrimp patterns and for the body of mantis shrimp.  1 1/2 yards per package.  
Average Customer Rating (5 flies is best): Not yet rated