Tying an Furmisky-inspired Extended Foam Body Green Drake Fishing Fly

Green Drakes are big and trout key on them heavily during the summer.

by DiscountFliesJuly 06, 2024 in Fly Tying Videos

Green Drakes are big. Fortunately for us, trout key on them heavily during the summer. This makes for some fun fishing, typically in the evenings at dusk. The natural mayflies are large, graceful insects and the flies that imitate these bugs do not disappoint. This Furmisky inspired dry is one of our favorite flies for this hatch because it floats well, it can support a modest dropper, and it is visible. And, it looks great. A definite angler catcher and a fly that also fools a fair number of fish….

Extended Foam Body Green Drake Fishing Fly Tying Notes

  • We like this method of tying an extended body because it uses foam, which is both simple and floats well.
  • This method also allows you to use numerous materials for the tail. A traditional choice is a few fibers of moose mane. We like fluoro filaments because they attract a significant amount of light and act as a hot spot.
  • While there are extended body tools that we really like, a smaller diameter sewing needle clamped in the vise works well.
  • Using a bit of wax on the needle can help the body slide off easily. We have found, however, that most sewing needles are highly polished and smooth. Keeping this type of needle clean of gunk is enough to achieve an easy dismount.
  • To increase durability, put head cement on the body thread wraps that create the body segments after tightening the tag end.
  • We find that making pre-making several bodies in a batch is a great way to tie a dozen or so of these flies.

Extended Foam Body Green Drake Fishing Fly Recipe

  • Hook: Standard Dry fly hooks, sizes 10-14.
  • Thread: UTC 70D, Brown.
  • Tail: Raven and Wolf Fluoro Filaments, Fluoro Chartreuse.
  • Body: Raven and Wolf 2mm Foam, Olive or Chartreuse
  • Wing: Poly Fibers, mixed colors of choice.
  • Thorax: Raven and Wolf Chubb Dub, Peacock.
  • Hackle: Two Grizzly Hackles, Natural or Dyed Olive

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