Tippet is the last part of line that you tie in the leader, and attach your fly with. Tippet is made from Nylon and Fluorocarbon.

Fluorocarbon has a similar refractive index as water, which makes it nearly invisible underwater; a distinct advantage if the fish are leader shy. It is easier to untangle because it is slightly stiffer than nylon.

Nylon is a little more visible underwater, has good knot strength, floats well, and a great choice if the clarity of water is a little off or fishing dry flies.


Tippet - Monomaster

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The Monomaster is an eco-friendly gadget designed to store waste nylon monofilament and other fishing line. It stores pieces of used line out of harm’s way and thus keeps both the environment and your vest pockets and tackle boxes clean and tidy. No more nasty surprises in your washing machine, either!  It is compact, lightweight, easy to handle.  Simply feed one end of the waste nylon into the slit, turn the handle, and the line is stored inside the Monomaster.

Waste nylon takes forever to break down and is a deadly trap for many animals. Especially birds and small mammals are vulnerable, as they tend to use it as nesting material. That is why it is essential to keep waste nylon out of the environment and discard in a responsible manner: at home in the bin! Monomaster should be used by every fisherman and -woman on the planet. Leading USA magazine ’Field and Stream’ has awarded the Monomaster the ‘Best of the Best’ gold award in the category ‘fishing gadgets’. ‘Fish Alaska’ magazine awarded the Monomaster a silver medal in the category ‘other good stuff’.

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Exceptional Quality and Value. Stone Creek fluorocarbon tippet is high in strength and nearly invisible in water. 4x is rated at 6 lb., 5x is rated at 4 lb., 6x is rated at 3 lb. 35 meters of line per spool.
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Horizontal Tippet Holder with Fish Print Chamois and foam fly roll.
  • Holds up to 6 tippet spools
  • Includes fly drying chamois clip for attaching a tool
  • Easily attaches to any lanyard or most fishing vests
  • Foam fly roll at top of carrier
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Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Stealth Tippet is made with proprietary copolymer blends that are designed to drastically reduce water absorption while maintaining an optimal suppleness for high knot strength. This lightly tinted green nylon tippet has a 29% higher wet knot strength compared to our previous material and up to 40% higher wet knot strength when compared to competitors.
  • Lightly tinted for stealth presentation
  • Supple, yet strong
  • Nearly 30% stronger knot strength is better for fish and fly anglers
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