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Product Description

When you take one of the most effective patterns for catching bonefish, then add seductive bunny fur that "breathes" when stripped, plus rubber legs, which bonefish can't say no to, you get a fly that you could fish all day long with.

New production of this fly is being tied as follows:
  • #8 as stated above is tied on #8 Tiemco 811S (This hook requires a lighter tippet)
  • #6 as stated above is tied on #8 SL-11 3H 
  • #4 as stated above is tied on #6 SL-11 3H
  • #2 as stated above is tied on #4 SL-11 3H
The Gamakatsu SL-11 3H is one of the strongest and sharpest hooks available, and worth every penny when you hook-up with a fish of a lifetime!

Additionally, new production also includes a weed guard, which can easily be trimmed off if it is not necessary.

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Verified Buyer
Good fly for Joulters
| December 7th, 2023
Recently retuned from Andros fishing Joulters for 4 days. Used this fly 90% of the time. Flats in Joiulters are white sand with minimal weeds. Used size 2 most of the time but switched to size 4 in skinny water. No need for weed guard. Held up well though often dealt with twisted eyes after a couple of fish. Would still recommend.
Note From Store Owner: Glad to hear you had a great trip. Thanks for the feedback! We will check the eyes and make any necessary changes.
Verified Buyer
Gotcha Pink Bunny Tail
Mike | May 3rd, 2012
Went bone fishing in Turks and Cacois off a huge flat 30 miles from civilization. I'd bought multiple flies. The guide looked at this one and said "if you don't catch fish with this then you can throw the rest away". He then took one for himself, and we caught numerous fish on this fly all morning and one 9-10 lb fish.