Rogue Giant Foam Stonefly

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Product Description

Salmonflies, also know as the Giant Stoneflies, are an impressive and somewhat creepy looking bug, and a big meal for a trout. The Rogue Giant Foam Stonefly is our favorite pattern to imitate the adult salmonfly. Once the nymph crawls out of the river and hatches into an adult, they spend most of their time on nearby willow or alder branches. The adult salmonfly becomes most active during the afternoon, either returning to the water to lay eggs, or being blown into the water by gusts of wind. Knowing these traits of the salmonfly will help your odds during this very popular hatch.

Note: This product contains wildlife, which cannot be exported beyond the U.S. and its territories.

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James Keil | June 9th, 2014
I ordered 10 Rogue Giant Foam Stoneflies for the Salmon fly hatch at the Holy Water on the Rogue outside of Shady Cove, Oregon. I have two left, and they're fairly chewed. After three days of big trout rising to the surface and demolishing these flies, I'm a fan. They held up very well, looked great, and helped me to have one of the best weekends of fishing the salmon fly hatch ever. I'll be back, Many Thanks,