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Product Description


The Air-Lock Strike Indicator features the most innovative locking mechanism in the world for attaching to your leader.  It does not slide up or down on your leader, and will not kink your line.  Furthermore, it is now biodegradable.  (but not water soluble)

The new biodegradable foam has more benefits beyond keeping our waterways cleaner.  The new design out-performs the original plastic design in every way.

  • 30% Lighter:  Easier, more efficient casting and delivery.
  • Suspends 25% more weight on the water.
  • Stealth:  Neutral-colored post is less visible to fish, and the lighter overall weight lands softer on the water.
  • Sensitivity:  Better strike detection.
  • Durability:  No more leaks, dents, holes, cracks or pops!
  • Easier to see leader slot when attaching.
  • Hurts 38.6% less when you hit yourself in the back of the head on a forward cast.
Standard Rigging: 
  1. Unscrew the locking nut
  2. Lay the butt section of your leader in the slot
  3. Replace the locking nut and tighten down
  4. Note:  For smaller diameter leaders, you can remove the rubber washer for a tighter fit.  This will not result in a damaged leader
90 Degree Rigging:
  1. Remove the locking nut
  2. Thread your leader through the locking nut and slide up to the butt section
  3. Place leader butt section in the slot on top of the indicator
  4. Tighten locking nut down on the post as shown with leader sticking out one side, then out the top

Note: Price is per individual indicator.

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almost best indicator
Noble Bichara | November 14th, 2014
It would be 5 stars if it weren't so high vis. Nonetheless it' s way better than the thingamabobber.