Clouser Minnow Streamers

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Clouser Minnow Streamers - Supreme Hair Clouser - Grey & White

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Size 2 (84 Available)
Size 4 (69 Available)

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Price as low as: $2.81
How do you improve a Clouser Minnow? Hard to imagine making it any better, but using Supreme Hair makes the Supreme Clouser Minnow "Supreme"!

Also Available in Chartreuse/White.

This fly is now being tied on a Gamakatsu SL-11 3H hook (Size 4 is tied on a Tiemco 811S), one of the strongest and sharpest hooks available. The extra cost of this hook is worth every penny when you hook-up with a fish of a lifetime!
Prices for Supreme Hair Clouser - Grey & White
1 flies
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$3.40 ea.
4-6 flies
$3.04 ea.
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$2.90 ea.
12+ flies
$2.81 ea.
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