Realistic Crab

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Product Description

The soft plastic rubber body of this fly features legs that wiggle as the fly descends, which makes this fly super effective!

New production of this fly is being tied as follows:
#8 as stated above is tied on #8 Tiemco 811S (This hook requires a lighter tippet)
#6 as stated above is tied on #8 SL-11 3H 
#4 as stated above is tied on #6 SL-11 3H
#2 as stated above is tied on #4 SL-11 3H
The Gamakatsu SL-11 3H is one of the strongest and sharpest hooks available, and worth every penny when you hook-up with a fish of a lifetime!

Additionally, new production also includes a weed guard, which can easily be trimmed off if it is not necessary.

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