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Product Description

Slump Buster - Black & Blue - Created by John Barr, this streamer is more of a Matuka style though it resembles a Zonker. However YOU look at it, fish see it and chomp! It sinks fast. Strip and drift, strip and drift - see what happens. Good in rivers and stillwaters. Also available in Natural, Rust and Olive. A proven winner!

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Verified Buyer
John | August 25th, 2015
Great little streamer, ive got a few sizes and they have all held up really well
Verified Buyer
Great buy!
Ron | June 20th, 2014
Awesome flies for reasonable price.
Verified Buyer
I Luv My Slump Busters
Jerry D. | April 29th, 2012
Slump buster nymphs are a very effective alternative for woolly buggers. They are hard to find at retail fly shops and online. Discount Flies has a very good selection of sizes and colors. You'll luv your slump busters, too!
Verified Buyer
big browns...
Brian Meade | May 10th, 2010
I went to Wickiup and was trolling for big browns and I found one bigger than I could handle on my 5 wt. The fish was well over 10 pounds and let me know right off thew bat that I wasn't in control. Lost the big one but hooked some nice 3 lbers. I still have a few more of these for the rematch with my 7 wt this time for more backbone. This fly entices violent strikes making setting the hook easy. Thanks.
Verified Buyer
very worthy...
Brian Meade | April 22nd, 2010
I have been using this to try an stir up some bass in cool water and have gotten a few nice ones with one going 4+ pounds. Now if it will just stop snowing and warm up it will killl em