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Product Description

The mercury RS2 is tied with a small highly reflective bead, which gives the appearance of a gas bubble, used by the natural insect to float to the surface. This is a very effective baetis or midge emerger pattern. The mylar flashback looks like the insect is starting to open its nymphal shuck.

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Verified Buyer
Neil | November 12th, 2023
Good looking quality flies shipped quick! 10/10 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Now if work will get out of the way I could review Theyโ€™re effectiveness!
Verified Buyer
My single best fly ever!
Capt Mark | January 19th, 2015
Works for ANY baetis hatch. Just dial in the right size by matching the bugs in the air. Best for bugs 18 to 22, great in the spring. Caught many a huge brown on the Green, Flaminng Gorge, Little Hole, trailing a size 20 Mercury RS2 Flashback behind a size 18 tungsten bead head Copper John. The RS2 literally swims in the current about 10" above the Copper John in the water column. Perfect! Right where the fish are picking off nymphs and emergers. This fly is amazing, from the glass bead to the flashback. Fish find this fly irresistible!
Verified Buyer
This one must be in your fly box.
Charles Glatzer | January 11th, 2015
The Mercury RS2 will catch fish, even when others are not. 1 or 2 tiny split shot dead drift with smallest indicator possible is deadly on trout. It also works with tightline nymphing and no indicator.