Jiggy Mini Leech - Black with Red Bead

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Product Description

Based on Colorado's world-class guide and tyer Landon Mayer's Mini Leech, this is a jig pattern that will produce in many scenarios including: High water conditions, Low light, Dead drifted as a point fly, On the swing at the end of a drift, or Stripped, either by itself or as the trailer in a two-fly streamer rig. Leeches are a high protein meal for fish. While many of us think about leeches as the large, worm-like slugs we saw in the classic Stand By Me, most freshwater leeches are small, highly active swimmers. Landon's choice of micro pine squirrel and osterich herl mimic both of these characteristics in a way that is often irresisable to fish. Add a bright "LOOK AT ME" bead, and what fish can look past this fly?

Note: This product contains wildlife, which cannot be exported beyond the U.S. and its territories.

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