SEMPERFLI EggStatic Egg Fritz 15mm

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SEMPERFLI EggStatic Egg Fritz
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Product Description

Semperfli has taken Egg Fritz or Chenilles to the next level with our Slush-Fibres giving amazing life and color to your Egg flies. Semperfli Slush Fibres are micro thin fibres and when tied give and amazing slush puppy ice drink like look to the EggStatic. Our Slush-Fibres are built into the core which produce fibres that are translucent, allowing light to travel through the egg/blobb.  Great movement also. Put it in the water and the see color come alive as the water turns the material slushy and transluscent.

Shhh....try this chenille as the body on a Mantis Shrimp or Squimp!

There are 3m per card.

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