Gamakatsu SL12-S 1x Short Big Game Wide Gap

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Gamakatsu SL12-S 1x Short Big Game Wide Gap
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Price: $8.08

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Size 6 (5 Available)
Size 4 (5 Available)
Size 2 (5 Available)
Size 1 (5 Available)
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Size 4/0 (5 Available)

Product Description

The SL12-S has been one of Gamakatsu’s most popular hooks for tying tarpon, billfish and other big game flies. The new 1xShort version broadens the appeal by increasing the wire size for additional strength and shortening the shank length to accommodate smaller patterns that have become the rage in recent years. The SL12-S features a straight eye and is made from 1x heavy Gamakatsu wire that’s ideal for use with most trophy-class, saltwater species. Make no mistake about it, this is a multi-use, multi-species fly hook that will surely find its way into hundreds of fisheries and millions of fly boxes. Color = Dark Nickel.

While the price per package is the same across hook sizes, the number of hooks per package varies as follows:
  • Size 6: 15 hooks
  • Size 4: 12 hooks
  • Size 2: 12 hooks
  • Size 1: 12 hooks
  • Size 1/0: 12 hooks
  • Size 2/0: 10 hooks
  • Size 3/0: 8 hooks
  • Size 4/0: 7 hooks

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