ZAG Fair Flies Craft Fur 4 Pack

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ZAG Fair Flies Craft Fur 4 Pack
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Waiting List Redfish 4 Pack (Black, Purple, Chart, White)
Trout 4 Pack (Brown, Rust, Olive, Tan) (1 Available)

Product Description

Longer than extra select craft fur, with less underfur and more overfur, Fly Fur is easier to work with and can tie longer flies. If you love craft fur fly tying then do yourself a favor and pick up some Fly Fur fly tying material. You won't look back.

Fly Fur is designed by fly tyers specifically for fly tyers. 
  • Half the underfur and twice the overfur of other select craft furs yields a much higher use per inch
  • Longest, most supple fibers will not leave you wanting for your pike and streamer patterns
  • Superfine fibers are coated so that they do not clump but flow freely when wet
  • Uniquely designed colors for fish - not leftover colors from other industries 
  • Great marabou, rabbit strip, and seal dubbing replacement
  • Perfect for tying your flies and jigs
  • Outlasts the natural fibers it replaces
  • Fibers made from 45% post-consumer products
  • 25 square inches
Redfish and Trout packs include 4 different colors; each piece is over 5 square inches, for a total of more than 22 square inches per pack.  Enjoy the convenience of trying out several strategically chosen colors at once!

About Fair Flies and the Zoe Angling Group: ZAG is dedicated to ethical supply chains. In short, that means...Zoe Angling Group is a Benefit Corporation that is focused on innovative opportunities in the fishing market with the goal to create jobs for exploited individuals

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