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Product Description

The Trico Mayfly (Tricorythodes Minutus) vary in size from #18 to #24. Males emerge in the evening, and spend the night in a local shrub along the river. Females hatch in the morning, and become spinners within several hours. While the females hatch, the males molt into spinners, forming a massive cloud of flying trout food. Trout will begin to feed on these tiny mayflies as they fall to the water, the females to lay eggs, the males, spent. The trick to catching fish during the trico hatch is to cast your fly in the exact feeding lane of a trout. Because of the sheer abundance of available food, rising trout will seldom move laterally to eat. Use 6x or smaller tippet.

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Verified Buyer
Very Visible little fly
Cliff Moss | August 19th, 2018
Best Trico spinner pattern that I have found. Will definitely keep them in my box! Most memorable fish of the Summer. A big 'bow came up to grab it before it even landed, then hooked herself as she flipped back into the water. I managed to land her, take a pictured and then release her.
Verified Buyer
Tricos - Trout love them!
Michael Mason (Centennial,CO,US) | September 21st, 2014
Just fished with your size 20 and 22 Tricos. Rainbows and Browns were all over them as long as you kept the fly in the feeding channel. Perfect fly for fall!