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Product Description

The Green Drake (Ephemera guttulatais) one of the largest mayflies that trout have available to them in their diet. The CDC Comparadun profile very closely matches the natural. Green Drakes hatch mid-day, and will cause trout to completely abandon any other type of food. The nymph emerges to the surface of the water quickly, and after drying its wings, flies off. This leaves little time for trout to grab a bite, so they become very opportunistic when they see the realistic CDC Comparadun fly pattern.

Note: This product contains wildlife, which cannot be exported beyond the U.S. and its territories.

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First try of the CDC Green Drake Comparadun
Cory Walsworth.......SLC.......Utah | July 30th, 2009
I recently recieved an order of these flies. The cdc hackel was more of a green/blue color rather than a light gray. But I gave them a try on our local Green Drake hatch on the Provo River and found that I cannot complain. These worked even better than the hair wing comparadun that I usually use on that hatch. After 40+ years of dry fly fishing I would recomend the quality of flies to any of my fishing buddies!