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3 mm Steelhead Ring (45 lb test) (6 Available)
2 mm Trout Ring (25 lb test) (11 Available)

Product Description

Tippet Rings are small, very strong and lightweight, and make rigging and tippet replacement fast and easy. A leader with a tippet ring turns over perfectly, and they are light enough to use when fishing dry flies. Just tie the tippet ring to a leader with a clinch or improved clinch knot, and then add the required tippet in the same way. Tapered leaders last longer with a tippet ring as the leader will not be shortened every time the angler replaces the tippet.

Tippet rings also make it extremely easy to add droppers, and are an excellent choice for European Style Nymphing and for Indicator nymph fishing.

This package includes 10 Tippet Rings, threaded onto a snap swivel.  It is easy to drop those rings once they are not threaded on the swivel, so thread the first ring onto your leader while the ring is on the swivel, tie a clinch or improved clinch knot, then remove the ring from the swivel.  (This will save you from dropping and losing rings)

Available in 2 sizes:
  • Trout 2mm 25 lb test
  • Steelhead 3mm 45 lb test

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