New Zealand Strike Indicator System

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The New Zealand Strike Indicator System will help you catch more fish, and make your own indicators exactly like you want.  Once you attach the indicator to your line, it is simple to move up or down, does not damage the leader, allows incredibly stealthy presentation, is completely knotless and is super sensitive.

This kit includes the New Zealand Tool, plastic loops (bulk + pre-cut), plus 2 colors of wool (white and chartreuse.

  • Easily Adjustable - Because the system is easily adjustable, anglers can quickly optimize their presentation to changing depths and water sppeds on each run, enabling you to present a nymph in the exact strike zone where trout are feeding.
  • Stealthy Presentation - Anglers can make perfect, stealthy presentations so that even large, experienced or heavily fished trout aren't spooked.  Lightweight New Zealand Wool casts like a dry fly and lands gently, so trout will continue feeding.
  • 100% Knotless - You can land more fish as the system is 100% knotless and doesn't damage, weaken or king your leader or tippet.  Removing the indicator from your line to change to a dry fly is effortless.
  • Super Sensitive - Fly fishing experts say that trout reject 50% of all takes and anglers never detect the strike because artificial nymphs are spit out in a microsecond.  This indicator is super sensitive, and shows even the slightest takes.
  • Guide Tested - Professional guides from around the world have tested and perfected this system.

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David Chao (Centennial) | April 22nd, 2020
These are the best strike indicators out there! You can do the yarn and rubber band trick, or you can use this incredibly clever system. Just hook the leader with the tool, slide the tube over the hook end and leader, create a loop and slide some yarn into the loop. Done! Very sensitive and easy to do on the river.