Kiff Slippi and Grippi Sleeve Combo

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Kiff Grippi Thumb Sleeve
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Product Description

A Single pack containing one Slippi Finger Sleeve and one Grippi Thumb Sleeve.  

Why every fly fishing tool kit needs a Slippi Finger Sleeve:
  • Protects your stripping finger from line cuts.
  • Utilizes a tough built-in super-suede cleaning pad to provide added protection for your finger AND cleans your fly line as you retrieve.
  • Can be loaded with a line slicker to add distance to casts.
  • Use SLIPPI Finger in conjunction with the GRIPPI Thumb Sleeve to help you add distance to your casts
Why every fly fishing tool kit needs a Grippi Thumb Sleeve:
  • Helps extend life of your fly line by continually keeping it clean.
  • The sleeve features tough, high-friction silicone dots/nodules to prevent slippage on your line control hand when casting.
  • No-slip strip strike.
  • Use GRIPPI Thumb together with the SLIPPI Finger to provide exceptional control of your fly line.This allows you to throw crisper, tight casts without losing control of a slick, wet line.

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